Two weeks in, and I can’t believe the difference. People: if you have options, do not put up with energy-draining shit at work. It may be you, but it’s [definitely] also them.

The Xcut Xpress is a die cutting and embossing machine for crafters. It’s also a passable etching press. Need to get some felts but pretty pleased with the first result.

Submitted my proposal for Big Ink at the last minute last night. If selected I’ll be turning this into a 40” x 30” Woodcut print.

Talking to my grandparents this week, they expressed how valuable they find Facebook for feeling connected to their increasingly geographically-spread family. Reminded me that there is a valuable, relationship-affirming side of social media tools that exists in tension with the increasingly distressing aspects of the attention economy.

Although that may simply be because the algorithms haven’t caught up with nonagenarians [yet].