Stumbling towards a drawing practice

I’ve been aware for some time that improving my drawing skills would probably have a big impact on all parts of my artistic practice. I did a short course based on Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain a few years ago that helped, but I’ve lacked a real practice around it.

I came across a post on Medium last week about six drawing exercises, two for dexterity and four for “seeing”. As a first exercise I converted them to a drawing in Paper so I could easily refer to them in my sketchbook.

A visual guide to beginner's drawing exercises.
A visual guide to beginner’s drawing exercises.


I printed my last practice print yesterday before heading to Lincoln. I had this drawn on the plate for the better part of a year, based on a photo from one of my trips to Torino for Creative Commons years ago. Friday evening I sat down and started carving; yesterday afternoon I printed it. 8″ x 10″ on Pescia.

Red Rocks III

Spent the afternoon in the studio yesterday, carving and printing my third Red Rocks print. I’ve been trying to get practice in with my new tools and this piece definitely provided that. I learned a lot from making it; on to the next exercise.