Nathan R. Yergler San Francisco, California I make things. Buzzwords: Python, Django, Backbone, git, DevOps, TDD, RDF, Java, JavaScript



San Francisco, California
Title: Principal Software Engineer
Period: April 2012 — present
  • Changed all the Event and Organizer URLs on the site
  • Led development of ticket transfers
  • Training
  • Mentoring
  • Abstractions
Title: Senior Software Engineer
Period: May 2011 — April 2012
  • Full stack web application developer, focusing on developing new product features and improving the backend architecture.
  • Advised on localization efforts, and assisted with deployment.
  • Integrated localization platform with third party helpdesk platform.
  • Built support for merchandise up-sells in purchase flow.
  • Rebuilt Event creation flow
  • Merchandise
  • New Create
  • Bugs
  • Localization

Creative Commons

San Francisco, California
Title: Chief Technology Officer
Period: April 2007 — April 2011
  • Developed search engine for open educational resources, DiscoverEd; technologies: Nutch, Lucene, Jetty
  • Managed engineering and systems team, supporting internal organization and partners
  • Lead development of metadata standards for licensing and copyright expression on the web
  • Communicated technology vision and progress to board and funders
  • Worked with partners to adopt license technology and development.
Title: Senior Software Engineer
Period: June 2006 — April 2007
  • Developed web application for choosing CC licenses
  • CC Search
  • Coordinated outside contractor development efforts
  • Streamlined localization processes to support > 40 locales
Title: Software Engineer
Period: June 2004 — June 2006
  • Developed CC Publisher, a cross-platform desktop application which allowed users to upload creative works to the Internet Archive for free hosting. Technologies: Python, wxPython
  • Implemented integration API for partners to use when adding CC License support to their sites. Technologies: CherryPy, Memcache
  • Developed browser plugins for showing license information about content using embedded metadata. Technologies: HTML, Javascript, XUL, RDF
  • Supported organizational website CMS development

Independent Software Developer

Canterbury School January 2007 — May 2007
  • Built web application for generating PDF student transcripts. Technologies: Django, ReportLab
California Newspaper Partnership November 2006 — May 2007
  • Developed prototype for, a website to connect local bands with fans. Technologies: Django

Canterbury School

Fort Wayne, Indiana
Title: Assistant Technology Director
Period: January 2001 — June 2004
  • Developed introductory programming curriculum based on Python
  • Taught introductory and intermediate programming electives
  • Built classroom management and assessment tools for K-12 faculty. Technologies: Zope, Python, Apache httpd


Purdue University

Fort Wayne, Indiana B.S. Computer Science, 2006

Awards & Organizations

  • Upsilon Pi Epsilon, International Honor Society for the Computing and Information Disciplines; Inducted 2006
  • Delta Lambda Phi, National Social Fraternity; Inducted 1996; Alumni, 1998
  • Boy Scouts of America, Eagle Scout Award; awarded November, 1994

Selected Presentations

Search and Discovery: OER’s Open Loop. In Open Ed 2010 Proceedings. Barcelona: UOC, OU, BYU. <>. Commodity Semantic Search: A Case Study of DiscoverEd,” Semantic Technology Conference, San Francisco, California, June 25, 2010. “Rights for Machines: the Creative Commons Rights Expression Language,” COMMUNIA Workshop on Technology and the Public Domain, Politecnico di Torino, Italy, January 18, 2008. “Building the Commons: Integrating CC in Your Application,” Open Source Convention, Portland, OR, July 25, 2007. “Open Source is my Day Job,” University of Michigan, March 19, 2007. “Extensible desktop applications using the Zope 3 framework,” PyCon, Addison, TX, February, 2006. “Cross platform desktop applications with Python,” ACCU, Oxford, UK, April, 2005, PyCon, Washington, DC, March, 2005. “Using RDF with Python,” PyCon, Washington, DC, March, 2005. “Developing online classroom tools with Zope,” PyCon, Washington, DC, March, 2004. “Teaching programming with Python and PyGame,” PyCon, Washington, DC, March, 2003.
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