Readonly Attachments

Readonly Attachments (RA) is an extension which causes Thunderbird to mark saved files as read-only when opening attachments. This prevents problems with users inadverantly losing work that was saved in a temporary directory. RA does not expose any user interface elements, but overrides Thunderbird’s built-in behavior when a user double-clicks an attachment or selects “Open” from the right-click menu. RA source is now available, and the installable XPI file is available from; the Thunderbird extension page for RA is here. The current version is 0.9.


  • Thunderbird 1.5 RC2 or later; 1.5.0 recommended (RC1 is known not to work)
  • Linux or Windows; Mac OS X still needs a little work with determining the temporary folder path

Additional Information

date:2008-11-13 17:37:00