MoinLicense is a set of actions and macros for MoinMoin which add support for selecting a Creative Commons license for your wiki. With MoinLicense installed you can:

  • select a license for your entire wiki
  • select a different license for individual pages
  • add a license icon to a page using the included macro


You can download MoinLicense from this page:


To install MoinLicense, expand the archive and move the plugin/action and plugin/macro directories into your wiki’s data/plugin directory.


The WikiLicense action uses two Moin configuration parameters, which you may need to set in your

page_license_enabled = 1
page_license_page = u'WikiLicense'

page_license_page specifies the page in your wiki which will contain the licensing statement. Note that selecting a wiki license will overwrite the contents of that page. Individual page licenses are stored in a subpage; for example, the license information for the page Home would be stored in Home/PageLicense.

Source and License

The source is available via darcs:

$ darcs get

You can browse the repository here. The source is made available under the GNU GPL version 2.

Feature Request

  • Provide convenience functions which can be used to insert the wiki license in the page footer
  • Provide i18n for license names

Known Issues

  • There is currently no way to exclude a page from being licensed.
date:2008-11-13 17:37:00