I was introduced to monotype and linocut print making by Katie Gilmartin in January, 2011. Since early 2012o I’ve focused primarily on creating linocut relief prints.


My monotype work often involves exploring how stencils can be used to combine very graphical qualities with the one-off nature of monotype. Those pieces begin as photographs that I took, usually before I even started print making. From the photograph, I created an outline stencil that I can use for printing.

You can see photographs of other pieces on Flickr.

Third Street Cranes (Yergler, 2011)

Sunset / Sunset (Yergler, 2011)

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Candlestick Point”, copyright 2013 Nathan Yergler. 8” x 10” linocut print, printed on Magnani Pescia

Untitled (Bay Bridge)”, copyright 2013, Nathan Yergler. 8” x 10” four plate linocut print, printed on Rives BFK

>> More of my linocut work

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