Creative Commons License Validator

Well, what good is a weekend not spent coding? In this case, I managed to hack together a very rudimentary RDF parser/validator specialized for Creative Commons licenses. You can find the web interface here and the sourcecode for the CGI here. The Python module which does most of the heavy lifting,, will be up soon. I’d love your feedback on any or all of it.

Right now it can parse raw RDF or retrieve a URL and scan it for RDF (using a simple regular expression). In either case it parses it and spits out the licensing and work information it finds.

It still needs some work when it comes to parsing work description information, especially with sub-elements (like Agent’s). I’d also love to hear suggestions for improving the output mechanism; it currently runs as a simple CGI, so the result page’s HTML is manually emitted with print statements. Any suggestions for making this work smarter?

date:2003-10-15 09:00:00
category:ccValidator, python

New Hosting

So if you’re seeing this blog post, the DNS records have sufficiently propogated, and you’re viewing at it’s new home on Nothing to see here, move along, please.

date:2003-10-14 23:02:00

Ahhh… Now I Understand

Descriptors, like meta-classes, are a feature of Python that I didn’t really understand up until now. Raymond Hettinger has written an excellent How-To Guide for Descriptors, which clearly explains and demonstrates their use. My biggest suprise is that (unlike meta-classes) I already knew how to use Descriptors, I just didn’t have the vocabulary to adequately explain them or an understanding of the underlying machinary.

Reading explanations of advanced Python features always leaves me feeling a little overwhelmed, yet incredibly empowered: “you mean I can do that with so little code?”

date:2003-10-14 12:36:17


So this is my fourth (and hopefully final) attempt at a blog. With each preceding instance I either became too lazy, too busy or too enamoured with other blogging software to keep things up. This time will be different. I swear.

So my short term goals for

  • make the templates not suck (well, suck less)
  • get my photo albums uploaded and into a psuedo-manageable state
  • post witty commentary and review of all things related to my life

We’ll see how many of those actually happen, and how soon. Stay tuned.

date:2003-10-09 15:06:07