Still questions, over two years later.

Work in progress from the studio this weekend, homage to Matisse’s “Seated Pink Nude”. Reduction linocut print with selective inking. Hoping to get it finished this week!
Loving the Van Dyke Brown in the background and Rubinius Red; a little Payne’s Gray and we’ll have all my faves.
#wip #linocut #printmaking #relief #matisse #color #layering

As someone who still has 5.25” floppies of Brøderbund’s Print Shop, Print Shop Companion, etc, interesting to think about when my expectations around software upgrades changed.

I’m in Nebraska this week participating in the Color Woodcut Printmaking at @constellationstudios today. I finished my first project today. Pretty pleased with the overall result, especially since I don’t normally do abstract. Thanks to @robsnyderorigami for the crease pattern that formed the foundation for this piece. #printmaking #relief #foldandprint #woodcut