PyCon 2010 CFP: Five Days Left

The CFP for PyCon 2010 closes in five days. I’m on the program committee this year and it’s exciting to see good proposals come in. From the CFP:

Want to showcase your skills as a Python Hacker? Want to have hundreds of people see your talk on the subject of your choice? Have some hot button issue you think the community needs to address, or have some package, code or project you simply love talking about? Want to launch your master plan to take over the world with python?

PyCon is your platform for getting the word out and teaching something new to hundreds of people, face to face.

Previous PyCon conferences have had a broad range of presentations, from reports on academic and commercial projects, tutorials on a broad range of subjects and case studies. All conference speakers are volunteers and come from a myriad of backgrounds. Some are new speakers, some are old speakers. Everyone is welcome so bring your passion and your code! We’re looking to you to help us top the previous years of success PyCon has had.

PyCon 2010 is looking for proposals to fill the formal presentation tracks. The PyCon conference days will be February 19-22, 2010 in Atlanta, Georgia, preceded by the tutorial days (February 17-18), and followed by four days of development sprints (February 22-25).

Online proposal submission is open now! Proposals will be accepted through October 1st, with acceptance notifications coming out on November 15th. For the detailed call for proposals, please see:

For videos of talks from previous years – check out:

We look forward to seeing you in Atlanta!

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OSCON 2008

I’m in Portland, Oregon this week for OSCON 2008. Asheesh and I are speaking tomorrow on ccREL and `liblicense <>`_.

Things I’m hoping to see this week:

  • lots of attention paid to, not just as an alternative to Twitter but as a first step towards truly open services,
  • lots of discussion about how free software can enable user autonomy,
  • corporate suit-types excoriated for not giving back (or for expecting us to build our “open” systems on theirs (I’m looking at you, [STRIKEOUT:Sourceforge 2.0] Atlassian).

So I’m probably just dreaming when it comes to the last one (maybe all of them, particularly with my qualifier of lots), but for the first time in a few years, there are actually talks I want to go to scheduled against one another. Maybe I’ll have to revise Yergler’s Theorem of Conference Value. But probably not.

date:2008-07-23 09:28:43
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OpenWeb 2008 Slides

As promised, slides for my OpenWeb talk, Deploying the Semantic Web with ccREL and RDFa, are available. And while we’re talking about the Semantic Web, note that the slide page is using another low barrier Semantic Web tool, Semantic MediaWiki.

date:2008-04-22 14:43:24
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OpenWeb 2008 Vancouver

I’m in Canada (O! Canada!) for the OpenWeb Vancouver 2008 conference today and tomorrow. I’ll be speaking tomorrow morning on Creative Commons licenses and the Semantic Web — specifically about how things like ccREL and RDFa allow us to build a real life, scalable, extensible Semantic Web deployment without really thinking about it (“It’s SemWeb! And I helped!”)

OpenWeb Vancouver is a community run conference, much like PyCon. And much like PyCon it looks like it has a really great value proposition (unfortunately much like PyCon it also seems to have crappy wifi… sigh).

I’ll post slides soon (read: when I actually write them).

date:2008-04-14 10:26:34
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Heading to PyCon

I’ve spent the first part of this week in San Francisco for some face time with the rest of the Creative Commons staff and participating in what I believe are our first all-staff meetings [1]. This afternoon I’m flying to Dallas for PyCon 2007. The program looks really strong this year, and I’m looking forward to a few days of what you could almost call a vacation. A really, really geeky vacation.

My goal is to blog the sessions I attend, but that’s been my goal every year and I usually end up doing about 25%. We’ll see just how well it works this time around.

[1]“All-staff” including San Francisco, Berlin, South Africa, Boston, and (of course) Fort Wayne.
date:2007-02-22 14:11:54
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Toronto Bound

So it looks like I’m going to be presenting at the Seneca Free Software and Open Source Symposium later this month. I’ll be presenting about our work on MozCC 2, with a talk titled Little s Semantic: Exploring Metadata About the Web. Who knows, maybe I’ll even work in something about this mythical MozCC for Songbird I’ve heard about ;).

date:2006-10-14 21:48:23

PyCon 2006 CFP Out

This year PyCon is moving from our home at George Washington University’s Cafritz Center to sunny (I assume) Dallas. The call for proposals is out, so start thinking about what you want to see and (hopefully) what you want to present.

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