More Python, Zope and PyCon

So things on the MozCC/QuickFile/cc-oasis front will be quiet for a while as I’m gearing up for PyCon. As part of that I’m also getting ready for the Zope3 Sprint which is happening a few days beforehand. I took part last year, learned a lot, and am looking forward to it again. So just a few quick highlights of what I’m working on now:

* Zope Product Tutorial a short tutorial on developing a CMF-aware Zope product

date:2004-03-09 13:32:21

Shameless Self Promotion

As I mentioned before, I’ll be presenting this year at PyCon in Washington, DC. Vern and I will be talking about our experience developing Stoa, an online student information system and classroom portal. The Stoa code has been used internally for a while, and we’re finally releasing it under an Open Source license.

In prepartion for the conference I’ve been working on packaging and documenting things. You can find out all there is to know about Stoa in the Stoa wiki. Our presentation (what there is so far, that is), is also going into the wiki.

date:2004-03-04 08:58:18

I spoke too soon

Not two hours after announcing QuickFile 0.0.2, Dennis of Heidelburg, Germany, emailed me with a bug report. Of course, when I say bug, I mean “the core functionality doesn’t work.” Oops. For some reason Thunderbird on Linux doesn’t seem to care if you call an int a char. Mac OS X and Win32 do. The bug’s been fixed, and the XPI updated. Thanks, Dennis!

date:2004-03-02 09:14:54

Embedding the Commons

I’ve put up a new project page, cc-oasis, to document some new CC work I’ve been doing. I’ve come to realize (and I know I’m not alone here) that to effectively promote the Commons, we need to make licensing second nature. If not second nature, then at least easibly accessible.

To that end, I’ve begun working on embedding Creative Commons licensing in The first step towards that is coming up with a specification for embedding license information into OOo files. I’ve posted a first draft of that specification, and I’m looking for comments and suggestions.

The second step will be developing the user interface to support the embedding. This is obviously going to be the larger task, but I think it’s accessible. Right now I’m again looking for suggestions and ideas about the best way to go about that. I’d like to have a mock-up put together soon so we have something to serve as a model. If you’d like to help, I’d love it; let me know.

date:2004-03-01 10:25:57

QuickFile 0.0.2 Now Available

I’ve just updated the QuickFile XPI with a handful of bug fixes and improvements. QuickFile is an extension for Mozilla Thunderbird which enables keyboard-only message filing.

The most notable improvment in this release is the ability to assign the hot-key which begins the filing process. You can find more about QuickFile here and download and installation information is here.

Future releases will feature folder-specific hotkeys and filing target suggestions (based on previous filing behavior). Feedback, bug reports and suggestions are welcome.

date:2004-03-01 09:52:10

The Fruits of my Labor

|image0| Weeks after purchasing and installing the wood working equipment in my basement (which was generally dubbed “out of character” to say the least), I have something to show for. Now when people ask why I need a table saw, and I respond “So I can make a picture frame,” I’m serious. Here it is, holding my Tori concert placard. Now that that’s done I can let those tools sit in good conscience.

date:2004-02-25 08:14:01
category:my life, woodshop

ccValidator 1.3.1 Update Now Available

As promised yesterday, I’ve updated ccValidator with a minor update. The source, as always, is available in the release archive. This release exposes some validation errors which were previously masked as “unknown errors”. These updates provide more verbose error reporting in instances where the RDF is well-formed XML, but not properly structured RDF.

Comments, criticism and suggestions are welcome, as always.

date:2004-02-20 12:05:32

A Few Quick Notes

OK, I’m sort of busy with school right now, but I’ve had some questions and wanted to post a brief update.

  • ccValidator: New release, coming soon: better (more) error reporting, with more informative error messages (hopefully).
  • mozCC: oh-eight-oh development is well under way; stay tuned for a reworked details UI, preliminary support for foaf:tipjar and much more. Note to all you HIG fanatics out there: yes, I’ve been properly thrashed; yes, I’m fixing things. Move along.
  • quickFile: no, it’s not dead yet; in fact, a release that actually works should be rolling out within the week.
  • and finally, stayed tuned for the epic battle of installing Debian Sarge onto an Acer Travelmate Tablet. It’s bloody and gory, but you won’t want to miss it.
date:2004-02-19 16:05:27

mozCC on Slashdot

I guess my 15 minutes are here. mozCC was mentioned in a Slashdot story this weekend. The effect has been a little overwhelming: a jump in downloads and page views by an order of magnitude, and dozens of e-mails. Unfortunately, the e-mails all read something like this:

Hey, mozCC is cool, but it breaks (middle-click|ctrl-click) to open a new tab! I can’t deal with this!

So I guess the good news is that people are trying mozCC. The bad news is they all seem to have found a bug I didn’t. It’s not all bad: I’ve actually managed to track down the bug and fix it, fixing a handful of other minor annoyances at the same time. Unfortunately, MozDev’s CVS seems to be down right now so I can’t check my changes in. But fear not, at this rate I should have an update available within the week, and it looks like it will close out several issues I’ve been battling for a while.

On a final note, the Mozilla Foundation released Firefox 0.8 this weekend. For those of you not following the ever-changing name saga, Firefox is the new name for Firebird. While I haven’t done extensive testing yet, mozCC 0.7.5 seems to work with Firefox just fine.

Thanks for the encouragment, everyone; stay tuned for more updates.

date:2004-02-10 09:59:47