Would you hire a spammer?

I attended Purdue University, both at the main West Lafayette campus and the Fort Wayne branch campus, IPFW. IPFW has grown in a lot of exciting and promising ways over the past few years. When I started, I didn’t usually claim that I attended the Fort Wayne campus. Now I feel like that’s an important part of my educational background.

But one area that IPFW apparently hasn’t progressed in is faculty screening. In particular, Robert Palevich (aka Professor Spam) in the School of Business is an unrepentant spammer. For a while he would just periodically send out PDFs flogging his various “next growth business” seminars at the University. I’ve asked a few times to be removed from his mailings. Once I actually received a reply saying I’d been removed. Apparently he was just taunting me: I still receive the mailings.

In December or January, Professor Spam sent yet another email, and I decided to try another approach to quelling unsolicited email. So I emailed the Dean of the School of Business, John Wellington and the Chancellor of the University, Michael Wartell. I encouraged them both to set policy for unsolicited email, pointing out that it reflects poorly on the University, and given the forged headers and lack of clear removal instructions, violates the CANSPAM act. I didn’t receive any reply, but hoped the message had been received.

Today I received another unsolicited email from Professor Spam, this time encouraging me to hire a student. I can only assume that Priyanka Dhaka isn’t aware that Professor Spam is sending unsolicited email in an attempt to find her a job. If you interview her, you should ask her about that. And if you work with Robert Palevich, Michael Wartell or John Wellington, maybe you can ask them as well.

Or maybe you can just email or call them. You can reach John Wellington at 260-481-6061, or via email to wellingj@ipfw.edu. You can reach Professor Spam at 260-481-6945, or via email to palevicr@ipfw.edu. And finally, I encourage you to call Chancellor Wartell and ask him why his University supports spammers. You can call him at 260-481-6103 or email wartell@ipfw.edu.

You might wonder why I care if the level of spam is, by my own admission, around one per month. But that’s one too many each month; sending spam is not a socially reponsible or acceptable behavior.

UPDATE: Prof. Palevich emailed me moments ago to assure me I’d been removed from the list. Of course, I’ve heard that before, but it is a positive sign.

date:2007-02-23 14:41:26