Readonly Attachments for Thunderbird 2

Last seen here two years ago, I’ve just updated Readonly Attachments for Thunderbird 2. It still does pretty much exactly what the last post describes, bugs and all.

Right now I’m just releasing a preview. At this point I’ve only tested it with Thunderbird on Mac OS X 10.5.3; I’ll test with Linux tomorrow[1]_ and if all goes well I’ll update at that point.

UPDATE: (2008-07-13) Things seem to work fine on Linux, so we’re just waiting for it to clear the review queue at AMO.

[1]Unfortunately I won’t be testing on Windows. My work laptop dual boots but frankly it’s so painful to load Windows these days that I can’t bring myself to do it. I’m trying to do more with my spare time these days that I enjoy and testing for Windows just doesn’t pass that test. Sorry.
date:2008-07-10 19:10:48
tags:projects, readonly attachments, thunderbird