OpenWeb 2008 Slides

As promised, slides for my OpenWeb talk, Deploying the Semantic Web with ccREL and RDFa, are available. And while we’re talking about the Semantic Web, note that the slide page is using another low barrier Semantic Web tool, Semantic MediaWiki.

date:2008-04-22 14:43:24
category:cc, conf
tags:cc, conference, openweb, smw, vancouver

OpenWeb 2008 Vancouver

I’m in Canada (O! Canada!) for the OpenWeb Vancouver 2008 conference today and tomorrow. I’ll be speaking tomorrow morning on Creative Commons licenses and the Semantic Web — specifically about how things like ccREL and RDFa allow us to build a real life, scalable, extensible Semantic Web deployment without really thinking about it (“It’s SemWeb! And I helped!”)

OpenWeb Vancouver is a community run conference, much like PyCon. And much like PyCon it looks like it has a really great value proposition (unfortunately much like PyCon it also seems to have crappy wifi… sigh).

I’ll post slides soon (read: when I actually write them).

date:2008-04-14 10:26:34
category:cc, conf
tags:cc, ccrel, conference, vancouver