Pending Changes

I’ve avoided writing anything detailed about the changes happening in my life for a while now, mostly out of fear of “jinxing” something (and because I needed to get to a place where I was OK just talking about some of them). My bio on the Creative Commons staff listing has been updated for a while now, but I haven’t mentioned it here: starting a couple weeks ago, I’m the new CTO at Creative Commons. I’ve told some friends that this is the first job in years I don’t really know how to do[1]_, and that’s a pretty exciting place to be for me.

This change in position at work has led to the second big change in my life, one that was given away by a commenter back in April. Next month, I’m moving to San Francisco. I’ve actually been working from the office in SF this week, getting up to speed on things. I was intending to look at neighborhoods so I’d know where to look when it finally came time to move out here. I assumed that the sale of the house would be a lingering, drawn-out process, and that in July or August I’d finally convince someone to take the house — “please!” — and be able to move. It’s been a bit faster than that.

The house went into MLS on Monday, April 30. On Tuesday we had two showings, and by Tuesday night I had an offer. Wednesday I countered, and by the end of the day my counter offer had been accepted. So yeah, the house sold in under a week[2]_. The buyers have already sold their home, and are closing May 24, so our agreement calls for us to close by May 31, with possession 7 days later.

So this week I’ve been actually looking for an apartment for Madeline and myself. Finding an apartment in my price range that will take a dog has been a bit of a challenge, but this afternoon I’m signing a lease for a one bedroom near Duboce and Church. I like the location a lot, as it seems pretty close to lots of things (including a park for Maddie) which is important since I’m selling my car before I leave. So yeah, barring something unforeseen, I’ll be living in San Francisco in less than a month. Wow.

[1]Sure, there were things about being a Software Engineer (my original CC title) or a Technical Support Specialist (my official title at Canterbury School) that were new to me, but generally, I knew what to do.
[2]Barring some horrible, intractable issue coming up at inspection next week.
date:2007-05-10 10:48:09
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Sign in the Yard

So the realtor sign showed up in the yard yesterday while I was gone, and we had two showings last night. MLS information available here.

date:2007-05-02 06:56:05
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