wpLicense Update Available

I’ve just uploaded the 0.2 update for wpLicense. wpLicense is a WordPress plugin which allows you to choose a Creative Commons license for your blog via a handful of functions which can be used in templates. The 0.2 release adds support for including Work metadata, as well as fixing a few issues with the AJAX rendering in the initial release.

I’ve also created a wiki page where you can record changes you’d like to see in the next release.

date:2005-06-20 09:13:13

Staff Talk Slides

Tuesday I gave two talks at CC in San Francisco. The first, Software for the Commons is an overview of the software I’ve developed in my year at CC, and was presented to most of the staff. The second was presented to Mike and our tech interns, Brian and Will, and covered the new ccPublisher 2 Architecture. Links are to slides.

date:2005-06-16 12:08:53

I’m Lucky

I’m in San Francisco this week, working at the CC office. I got in on Sunday, and feel more productive than I have in weeks. Today was mostly meetings, and I’m sorta wrung out, but at the same time I have all these ideas in my head that I’m not sure how to translate to action. And I’m in my hotel room, reading The Believer, listening to Aimee Mann, and was actually moved to tears by the song “I’ve Had It.” And I realize how fucking amazing creativity is, and how fucking lucky I am to work in service of it.

date:2005-06-14 22:43:34
category:my life

mozCC 1.1

mozCC 1.1 is now available for download. This release corrects a few bugs, including:

  • license attributes were not displayed correctly on pages which published Work metadata (with a license reference) but no License block
  • pages which contained multiple work elements (including those at, ahem, ccMixter) weren’t displayed correctly
  • some pages incorrectly displayed license elements (such as the “by” icon) multiple times

This release should be picked up by the Firefox Update Manager. You may also download it directly from the mozCC install page.

date:2005-06-13 10:36:23

CC + Spotlight now available

I managed to get the code into shape and have released the first release of the CC Metadata Importer for Spotlight. You can download a disk image from this page or find the source in the CC Tools SourceForge repository. Let me know if you have any suggestions or comments, as I hope to have an updated release out soon.

date:2005-06-10 09:23:30
category:CC + Spotlight

CC Metadata on the Desktop

With the arrival of Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger for the true believers), desktop metadata is actually getting some play. So I decided to do some hacking and see how CC would fit into that. The initial result, below, is a CC metadata importer for Spotlight. It’s interesting for a couple of reasons. First, exposing CC metadata to a wider audience can only help raise awareness and encourage people to depend on the information the metadata provides. Second, and more geekily, the importer consists of a Objective C stub that loads Python code from a bundle at run time to perform the actual processing. This lets me take advantage of the code we already use for ccLookup and the Validator to do the processing.

The code isn’t ready for release yet, but should be within a week or so.

Preview of initial version of CC Spotlight importer.

Preview of initial version of CC Spotlight importer.

date:2005-06-04 14:57:08
category:CC + Spotlight