What’s New

I just realized that it’s been over two weeks since I last posted, so here’s a quick run down of what I’ve been up to. More details at 6.

  • Garrett and I spent a long weekend in Las Vegas. We scheduled the trip to coincide with a trip his friend from graduate school was taking so we could see him again. It was good to see Jeff, although his companion was a little less than charming. We saw Mamma Mia, loved it, and confirmed that really, we are that gay. We learned that Fremont Street is the slightly creepy, single, older uncle of “the Strip,” and that Vegas is the city of extremes. Oh, and just because Binion’s Horseshoe Casino advertises itself as the home of the World Series of Poker doesn’t mean the room aren’t decorated straight from Rent-A-Center, circa 1989.
  • My 28th birthday was Sunday, and to celebrate we had a party on Saturday evening. I’m not usually one for birthday celebrations, but decided to make an exception this year. The result was pleasantly suprising. Now if there had only been a pinata filled with single-serving bottles of booze. Mmmmm…. booze.
  • We began work on the Creative Commons Developer Toolkit, a website for collecting sample code, best practices and developer-oriented information on the Commons. We also have mailing lists .

I’m going to try and get back in the habit of blogging regularly… it’s a good habit, but one I need to make time for instead of expecting time to appear.

date:2004-11-23 10:24:30
category:my life

Recording Your 15 Minutes of Fame

I don’t know about anyone else, but Google News has become an important source of news in my daily surfing. Even more useful has been the Google News Alerts, which allow you to receive email notifications of news stories containing specific keywords. Now an RSS or Atom feed of said stories would be even better, but News Alerts are a start.

At Creative Commons, we use News Alerts to keep up on our exposure in the press, and record the mentions in our press blog. Today I finished whipping up a little utility to make the job easier. GNAimport is a Python script which reads email messages from a specified mailbox (currently POP3), checks if they come from Google News Alerts, and then proceeds to parse the message in to a series of News Alerts. Each News Alert is then run through a series of handlers, which could do things like spit out an Atom feed or grab the contents of the URL. In the case of CC, the handler interfaces with a Zope Python Script to create SimpleBlog entries.

You can find the source to GNAimport.py, along with the code for the SimpleBlog Python script, here. To use it you’ll need to set the mail server, username and password at the top. The list of handlers to use is specified in main.

Let me know if you find it useful or find bugs; enjoy.

date:2004-11-08 16:46:16

Publishing Licensed Works

Part of our goal at Creative Commons is to make it easier for people to use our licenses. The Internet Archive helps out with that goal by providing free hosting for licensed audio and video files. That’s no small service for the hobbyist, and relieves bands from the headaches of bandwidth bills and metadata hosting.

Today I uploaded the newest beta of our new Internet Archive integration tool, ccPublisher. ccPublisher takes your audio or video file and allows you to select a license. It will then either upload the files to the Internet Archive for you, or generate metadata for hosting the files yourself (like our online license engine). You can download the beta, version 0.9.7, for Mac OS X and Windows. A Linux release should be available shortly after we reach 1.0.

Those of your interested in digging in the dirt can check out the source code, available from the CCtools SourceForge project. As always, your comments, suggestions and recommendations are welcome. Enjoy.

date:2004-11-05 11:32:22
category:development, geek

We are so fucked

I’ d like to provide some pithy, insightful commentary on the election, but frankly, I’m in a state of shock(“23% of my people voted for him?!?”). I’ve voted for plenty of losers (witness my flirtation with the Libertarian Party), but I’ve never felt so… betrayed. So instead I offer a list of things other bloggers are saying which made me smile. Now go, crank up the Le Tigre, and kindle the anger and outrage that will last for the next four years.

date:2004-11-04 11:36:35
category:my life, politics

Bush is so drunk!

CNN just showed the President watching the returns in the Yellow Room with his family. First, can Jenna and Barbara look any trashier? Second, Bush totally looks tanked. Oh well, it can’t make him any worse a leader.

date:2004-11-02 21:52:27