What a Night

Last night’s concert was absoluting amazing. Byrne and Gil both did amazing sets, and even did a couple of songs together. In particular I liked Byrne’s rendition of “Once In a Lifetime.” And the after party was cool, too. OK, so I spent most of it feeling completely out of place, but I did get the chance to chat with Mike and Matt for a while. Oh, and who would have thought that I’d be able to say, “David Byrne? Yeah, I had a drink with him.” And by “with him” I mean we ordered a drink at the bar at roughly the same time, and I got the knowing-nod.

There was, of course, the incredibly weird conversation with Drunken-Latin-Cute-Guy:

DLCG:So, you work for Wired? NRY:No, I work for CC. DLCG:What do you do at Wired? NRY:Actually, I don’t work for Wired; I work for the Creative Commons, writing software. DLCG:Oh, cool; so you’re a genius, huh? NRY:No, just lucky, I guess. DLCG:So do you only write about software and technology for Wired, or do you write about other shit, too? NRY:[smiling to say “you’re an idiot”]No, I just write about software. Enjoy your drink.
date:2004-09-22 20:09:34
category:my life