Outfoxed, Out-licensed

Lessig reports that Robert Greenwald, Producer/Director of the anti-FOX News polemic (and damned fine film) Outfoxed, has released the original interview footage under a Creative Commons license. The footage is available for remix at the Internet Archive and on torrentacracy. Very cool.

Hopefully we’ll see more filmmakers, and especially documentary filmmakers, licensing their source material in order to create a wider variety of works that will help promote discussion and conversation on important issues. Hmmm… does that imply that CC licensing promotes “fair and balanced” coverage of an issue?

On a slightly related note, after seeing Outfoxed, all I want to see is a remix of the Blackeyed Peas hit single “Shut Up” featuring footage of Bill O’Reilly. Now that would be quality entertainment.

date:2004-09-15 14:46:56
category:culture, geek