Irrational Exuberance

You may have heard that Apple released a new version of the iPod this week. How could you avoid it? They made the cover of Newsweek, in an election year, the week before the Democratic National Convention. Does anyone else question the relative importance of the iPod in the current news environment? I mean, I love my iPod and there’s no way I’d give it up, but cover of Newsweek? Probably not.

Irrational exuberance over new iPod @ Apple Store

I was walking from my hotel to work Wednesday and passed San Francisco’s Apple Store. The UPS truck was unloading a stack of boxes at the back door. Store emloyees, clad in their Bondi-blue t-shirts, were rabidly tearing into a box. A woman pulled out what I surmise to be the new iPod box (also Bondi blue), held it in the air, jumping up and down, practically giggling.

date:2004-07-23 11:57:39
category:culture, geek, my life