Creating Web-based Classroom Tools with Zope

As previously mentioned, my colleague Vern and I will be presenting at PyCon in Washington, DC next week. We’ve just completed our paper, Creating Web-based Classroom Tools with Zope. You can find it in the Canterbury School Tech Department wiki. We’ll have slides soon, too.

As part of my preparations for both PyCon and the Zope 3 sprint, I’ve written two tutorials covering the same material: one for Zope 2.x, one for Zope 3. You can find them in the wiki, too:

* Creating a Zope CMF product (Zope 2.x) * Creating a Zope 3 Product

The Zope 3 tutorial was written mostly as a way to help me remember the core differences between Zope 2 and Zope 3. They are plentiful, and they make life much, much better.

date:2004-03-15 15:19:58