mozCC progress report

So, a status report on mozCC. This is what works:

  • RDF extraction (for real this time)
  • RDF parsing (again, for real)
  • interpretation of License permissions (mostly)

Things left to do (fix):

  • display the parsed license and work information in a dialog when the user clicks the toolbar button (ala ccValidator)
  • properly handle some of the license attributes (i.e., “no derivatives” is signaled by the absence rather than presence of some RDF)
  • some graphical cleanup

Right now things are only working with Mozilla Firebird, but I’m hoping to add Mozilla Suite support as well once things reach a basic level of functionality.

date:2003-11-04 15:14:33

ZConfig 2.0 Released

I just saw on the Python Daily URL that ZConfig 2.0 is out. I migrated our internal backup software to ZConfig from Python’s included ConfigParser over the summer after cursing one too many times at it’s inability to do intelligent type checking. While it was a pain in the ass to create the schema and grok the datatypes set up, it was well worth it. Finally, config files you can actually read!

date:2003-11-03 09:30:43

In December, 2001 I bought my first digital camera, a Canon Digital Elph. I bought it because some of my friends (Mike, Mark) took amazing pictures of their lives, and I was incredibly envious of these snapshots of life they had collected. My observations of both of them made me want to be the kind of person who takes lots of pictures. I don’t think that sentence really says what I mean, but I’m also not sure how to properly articulate it.

So I bought the camera and took lots of pictures for a few months. Of course, it tapered off soon after. But lately I’ve been wanting to record moments in my life. I think this stems from the realization that I’ve taken very few pictures this year, and yet so much has happened; we bought a house, have a new dog, etc. Things I should have recorded.

With that in mind I’ve dusted off the pictures I took over the past few years and created My Life in Pixels, at Right now it’s just what I had before, but I’m hoping that actually have a place for them will help to movtivate me. Note that I still need to do some cleanup; the entry titles are just the filenames, which were generated by Gallery (way back when). Of course, cleanup isn’t nearly as fun as creation, so it’ll be a while.

date:2003-11-03 09:20:23